Making Jesus known in Edmonton, London.

Sermons by Luke Crowter

The asking life

Two big things: one about what God is like; one about what we should be like. Our Father gives good gifts to those who ask We should do to others as we would have them do to us Matthew brings these things together, and when they meet there’s something important for us to learn…

The love life

Being like God means living the love life. When relationships are bad, don’t be normal! When relationships are bad, go above and beyond in… Attitude Action … because that’s what Jesus is like…

The faithful life

If we’re going to be like God when it comes to making promises, we need to be… Fully Faithful Really Reliable. Royal Family Life is the faithful life – because that’s what God is like!

Come & See (John 1)

An invitation to use your legs and use your eyes – come, and see. 3 people who came and saw Jesus, representing 3 types of people. Andrew – “the interested” Nathanael – “the cynic” John – “the follower” Will you come and see for yourself?

The radical life

Who deserves to go to hell? Jesus says some shocking things about the seriousness of sin… “Small” sins deserve hell “Secret” sins deserve hell Be radical, not relaxed. Will it be the saw or the clamp?

The Righteous Life

To enter God’s Royal Family, Righteousness is Required. The whole of the Bible helps us to… Trust the Righteous One Jesus came to do what we could never do. He fulfills the Old Testament by… – Obeying the Law – Being the Messiah – Teaching the meaning The only way to find the righeousness required…

The distinctive life

In Matthew 5-7, the Royal Son sits the Royal Family down to teach them what Royal Family Life looks like. Jesus tells us to be salty, not a ninja. Being distinctive disciples… Affects the whole of life Is the best life So don’t be shy! Stand out!