Making Jesus known in Edmonton, London.

Sermons by Luke Crowter

Tough Crowd

Is God worth listening to? Reasons we don’t listen…1. “I’m the boss.”2. “Life is hard.” Reasons we should listen…1. Who God is.2. What God does. Have you given God a fair hearing?

Broken Instruments

We get a close up look at the instrument God chooses to use as part of His rescue plan… and Moses is not a superhero! God patiently provides for reluctant rescuers Objection 1: They might not listen!Objection 2: I’m no good at speaking!Objection 3: I don’t wanna go!Objection 4: (from God) You’re not fit. God…

Meeting with the risen Lord Jesus

When the disciples came face to face with the risen Lord Jesus, He gave them 4 things… Here are two priorities to prayerfully pursue in 2019 Peace that leads to joy The Spirit who equips for mission May 2019 be a year of pursuing the beauty of a scarred Jesus.

The asking life

Two big things: one about what God is like; one about what we should be like. Our Father gives good gifts to those who ask We should do to others as we would have them do to us Matthew brings these things together, and when they meet there’s something important for us to learn…