Making Jesus known in Edmonton, London.

God Sets Free

Salvation song

Singing stirs God’s redeemed people to praise Him for all that He’s done, and trust Him for all that’s to come. CHORUS: Reason for singingVERSE 1: Who the LORD isVERSE 2: What the LORD has doneBRIDGE: Who is like you?VERSE 3: What the LORD will do So sing!

Red Sea Redemption

When the enemy feels big and God seems small; stand still & see salvation. The LORD has done it all! The LORD leads His people The LORD controls His enemy The LORD delivers His people The LORD destroys His enemy The answer to fear & distrust is a bigger view of the LORD, and what…

Lest we forget

Lest we forget. The LORD gives His people a meal with a meaning – to celebrate their freedom, remember that blood was shed on their behalf, and tell the next generation all about it. This meal marks… A new era A real redemption A covenant people And it’s needed as a reminder that God owns…

Blood Bought

Disobedience deserve death – but we can be sure we’re safe as we look to the Lamb. The deadly danger we all face The substitutionary sacrifice we all need Will you look to the Lamb?


God is glorified in judgement and mercy. In this story we see the LORD’s Purpose – to make Himself knownPower – in judging wickednessPatience – in showing repeated grace. How should we respond? RepentRejoice

Tough Crowd

Is God worth listening to? Reasons we don’t listen…1. “I’m the boss.”2. “Life is hard.” Reasons we should listen…1. Who God is.2. What God does. Have you given God a fair hearing?

Broken Instruments

We get a close up look at the instrument God chooses to use as part of His rescue plan… and Moses is not a superhero! God patiently provides for reluctant rescuers Objection 1: They might not listen!Objection 2: I’m no good at speaking!Objection 3: I don’t wanna go!Objection 4: (from God) You’re not fit. God…