The Saving of Many Lives

The Saving of Many Lives

When Death Draws Near (Gen 50)

Chapter 50 of Genesis confronts us with two deaths. Jacob and Joseph. This chapter leads us to the Christian hope in death that Jesus, the greater Joseph, gives to those who trust in him. When death comes near and Christian can say: We have a son who will carry us home We have a son who assures us we are forgiven We have a son who is coming again

The Family of Blessing (Gen 48-49)

As Jacob nears the end of his life, he looks back and sees that for the family of God; even in the mess, God will bless. As he looks forward he sees that for the family of God; even in the mess, God will bless. If we are to be in the blessed family of God, we need A Father who embraces us A Son who delivers us Who God chooses to bless and who God uses to bless might…

Game Changing Grace

Genesis 43 opens in Famine and ends with a feast. This dramatic turn around is down to 3 game changing actions. A father who is willing to send his son, a son who was with his brothers, and a son who shows kindness to those who wronged him. These 3 game changers point us to the game changing grace of God needed to turn our lives around.

Seeing our sin (Genesis 42)

God’s transforming grace leads Jacob and his sons to the saviour, helps them to see their own sin, provides the help they need for free, and starts to change their hearts. This is the transforming grace of God that we still see at work today as he brings people to Jesus who provides the salvation we need, helps us see our sin and slowly transforms our lives to be…
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