Sunday – 10am-12pm

(Followed by lunch till 2pm)

This is the main time that the whole church of all ages meets together. As you come in you will be greeted by one of our welcome team. This is a team of people who will show you where everything is and answer any questions you may have about our gathering.

We start at 10am with fresh coffee and other refreshments. This is a great chance to get to meet some of the community and catchup with those we already know. At around 10:30am we will have a time of singing. We normally stand to sing.

SSMINISFollowing our time of singing the leader will give an opportunity for the children to attend their various age related groups. If you have children between the ages of 0 – 3 there is a room where your children will be cared for by a team of our Children’s workers. Please feel free to make use of this group so you can be part of our main meeting.If you have children in Nursery to School year 2 there is an activity group for them where they will sing, be taught the Bible, and do a craft activity. Children who are in school year 3 and above stay in the main meeting. There is a sheet for them to fill in to help them listen and be involved in our gathering.

Once the children have left the leader will often pray for a variety of current needs. The Bible will then be read and preached to us. There will then be a time to respond to what we have heard in prayer and singing. We normally end by having another coffee together.

Lunch – 12.15pm-2pm

Everyone is welcome to stay for the hot lunch that is provided after the morning meeting. This runs straight into Sunday Streams at 2pm.

During the afternoon on a Sunday there is a further, informal teaching session for all ages. Please follow the links below to find out more…