Sunday gatherings

Sunday gatherings

Sunday gatherings

To fit everyone in safely we will have two services; the same service repeated – 9.30 & 11.15 with thorough cleaning between the two.

The 9.30am service is also live-streamed online, but we hope that as many of us as possible feel able and comfortable to join in person.

To make it accessible to all, it is a short, simple service, about 45mins in length, and child friendly without being child focused. Children will need to stay with parents or carers throughout the service, and so the whole thing be short, simple and visual. There are fill in sheets for youngsters and for the really little ones there’s a specially designed, fun little activity pack, unique each week.

If you do have young kids you might be nervous about bringing them along but we don’t mind a bit of noise and if they are getting really restless there’s a room you can take them out to. Please feel free to bring along any snacks and quiet toys and activities that get them through the 45 mins!

We’re hoping to do things in a way which means no matter what age your kids are, you’ll feel able to bring them along so that they, too, can benefit from being with God’s people again.

So that we can be safe and feel safe we are following the government guidelines about social distancing, cleaning, masks, etc.

To join, you will need to book your place – click here to sign up for this Sunday.