On the Go

On the Go

Archippus (Col 4v17)

All followers of Jesus need the encouragement to “be a completer.” The Lord Jesus has given us work to do… It’s work Given by the Lord All about the Lord Modelled by the Lord Just like a marathon runner, things can seem tiring, uncomfortable and slow, and so we need each other as reminders that it’s the Lord Christ we’re serving, just…

Demas (2 Tim 4v10)

How can we endure to the end even through hardship? The example of Demas is a warning to us. The danger: loving THIS WORLD The solution: loving THAT DAY If we are going to endure, like Paul, like Jesus, then we need to have the right perspective…

Silas (Acts 15,16,18)

Silas was happy to be twenty feet from stardom, out of the limelight for the sake of the spread and preservation of the gospel. Willing Workers are willing to Be Sent Suffer Serve But it’s only as we see Jesus’ service of US that we can ever truly serve Him…


If you could choose a nickname, what would it be? Joseph had a nickname – Barnabas – “Son of Encouragement” He encouraged God’s people as he Gave generously to God’s people Affirmed God’s people Spiritually fed God’s people But he wasn’t just a superhero – he was a man just like us – a man of the Holy…

Aquila & Priscilla (Acts 18)

Do you have a home for the Lord? Priscilla and Aquila are an example of believers who opened their home in order to give Companionship Mentorship to those who they served alongside. Are we those who use all that we have to serve and encourage one another as we serve the Lord Jesus together?

Epaphras ( Colossians 1v7-8, 4v12-13)

Followers of Jesus are called to be “On the Go”. Epaphras knew that, and is a great example of a Gospel Gardener. A Gospel Gardener Teaches how to produce abundant spiritual fruit Encourages through news of abundant spiritual fruit Prays for abundant spiritual fruit Epaphras is a model to us, as he follower the example of the Lord Jesus.