Making Jesus known in Edmonton, London.


Membership is only a word we hear in certain places these days; the gym, the sports club, supermarket loyalty cards, magazine subscriptions. We pay our fee, get a card and enjoy a service. Sadly this is a long way from what it means to be in membership of a local church.


Church membership is a formal way of identifying with a particular local group of Christians. It is a way of mutually expressing our commitment to one another and to the work of a particular local church. At Silver Street Community church members commit to meet together to pray, give, and serve. Members also meet throughout the year to make some of the key decisions about our life together as a local church. It is only those who stand with us in this way that we allow to serve with us in the various activities we do.


We welcome into membership anyone who is trusting in the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of sin, and demonstrates the fruit of repentance in their life. They must also be willing to be committed to being part of our church family. This involves committing to one another, commitment to you our aim as a church to make Jesus known in Edmonton, and commitment to our statement of faith. We also expect that members will agree to submit to our distinctive beliefs on other Bible issues. These distinctives are issues where we recognise that Bible-believing Christians can hold different views. But where a member might hold a differing view, whilst not needing to agree, we do require them to respect and submit to these distinctives as they participate in the life of the church family.

You can download our membership application booklet here.